TV (web) series #9: Barbelle

It’s been a while since my last post. I had day off, so I could binge-watch a new web series. It’s called Barbelle, created by two young women from Canada. Another amazing Canadian web series, after That’s My DJ and My Roommate’s an Escort, which is worth of your time. So leave your tv shows and Netfix for a while and check this out!


Show created by Gwenlyn Cumyn and Karen Knox, and directed by Kelly Paoli. Starring Gwenlyn Cumyn, Karen Knox, Kiana Madeira, Naomi Gaskin and Cynthia Hicks. First season has 10 episodes, each between 4-10 minutes long.

Barbelle is described, by creators, as “A lesbian Spiceworld in Toronto, and a love letter to the Canadian music scene.” Show follows the story of a newly famous Toronto based pop-star duo, Veronica Vale (played by Karen Knox) and Alice O’Hara (played by Gwenlyn Cumyn), whose meteoric rise to stardom has led to a blitzkrieg on their personal lives. On the beginning of the first episode we’re introduced to, Veronica, who appears to be a selfish and party girl, and Alice who appears to be honest, sweet girl next door. As the series progresses, you find out that everything is more complex than it looks like. Alice informs Karen, their agent, that she and Veronica are no longer together and the band Barbelle also needs to break up. Karen immediately informs them that they need to continue living with each other and continue to pretend to be a happy, in love, couple. For Veronica this situation is convenient, she never wanted her relationship with Alice to end. Alice, on the other hand, feels really uncomfortable with this, she has already moved onto another girl. I’m not gonna tell you nothing more, if you want to know what happen, then just watch the show.


Karen and Gwenlyn showed great chemistry between their characters. Both girls are different, they’re good examples for the fact that the opposites attract. When Alice is subtle, little shy, and has (not diagnosed) social anxiety disorder, Karen is selfish and very confident person. It’s been awhile since I saw that strong chemistry on screen. Every cast member presents their character very realistically and believable.

What’s great about this show, that it’s written by women, performed by women and celebrating women, of course we can see there also a male characters (e.g. hilarious Jade Hassouné). But most of the fan base will be young women who can, kind of, identify themselves with the main characters, and they can find there familiar situations from their own lives.


In my opinion, that can be really successful web series. I like the way, the characters are portrayed, and the idea for the entire season. I hope it’ll be more episodes.

We need more of these kinds of series. Barbelle is one of my fav Web series, which I recently had the opportunity to watch. Check out Barbelle as soon as you can!

You can watch it here:


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