Review #18: Alive

Alive is a short, drama film written and directed by Jimmy Olsson. Starring Eva Johansson and Madeleine Martin.

The film tells the story of a Victoria who is disabled, and she yearns after intimacy and her assistant Ida offers to help by making a Tinder profile. Victoria gets a match but the guy she is matching with is very shady and Ida gets worried what might happen if he they meet.

Alive poster

In this short film, we can see a great performance from Eva Johansson who plays Viktoria. Eva portrait her character that well, that you cal feel Viktoria’s pain and frustration. The other person is worthy of attention is Madeleine Martin who is playing Ida. She is also amazing. Her character brings some warmth to Viktoria’s life, and shows how deeply she cares for Viktoria beyond her role as a carer.


This is amazing how natural dialogue and acting felt. The story of those two women was touching and beautifully told, and shows that we can find a real friend in the most unexpected situation in our life.

Noteworthy is also music, created by Peter Gregson and Thomas Henley which fits perfectly to the situations on the screen. You can feel the tension which Ida feels waiting outside of Viktoria’s apartment.

I also need to mention the camera work. I have to admit, it was really well done. Person responsible for that is cinematographer Staffan Övgård who managed to capture some great shots.


Alive is a twenty-three minute drama movie, with wonderful and interesting writing. Olsson’s short film talks about disability and sex, which is not popular topic for discussion in cinema.

Thanks to great performances, characters are real and that’s made this a funny and the same time, touching short film about two different women, which was very easy to watch and enjoy. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see something new.


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