Tips on trip for convection or festival.

I’m coming to you with something different. On June 23-25, The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con will be making its annual appearance! In honor of this great event, I thought i’d share some of my experiences from various conventions I went to. Well, that was mostly a movie festivals, but it looks pretty similar. I know those events from both sides. I went for them as a volunteer, so I know behind the scenes, and I also went as an audience.

In this article, I’ll to share some experiences from the festivals I went to. If you have any tips or stories, you would like to share, feel free to do this in the comments, I would like to read it.

Going to a convention or festival?

Down below are some tips for your trip.


What are some important dos and don’ts you’d suggest to someone attending their first convention?

You shouldn’t:

– first of all, go unprepared. Read up about the events, and exhibitions of the convention. Also, this way you avoid buying duplicate games/items.

– take too many valuable items. At conventions and festivals, there is always a big crowd and you can easily lose your stuff.

– spending all your money right away. Take a look around before you spend all your money.

You should:

– take your friends, that are also interested in that kind of stuff.

– plan out your trip. But leave some space to improvise a little.

– just enjoy your time. Use your free time, it’s for you, away from work.

What items should you bring along with you?

Don’t bring too much with you, as I already told. You would need a mobile phone, and power bank in a case, wallet with some cash, a camera. Extra hoodie, or something. Weather can change during the day, better be prepared.

What should you wear?

First rule, you have to feel comfortable. I always prefer a comfortable clothes and walking shoes. There is always a lot of walking at the conventions and festivals. So girls, I don’t recommend you a high heels. Of course, if you think you will feel comfortable cosplaying, do this and go in the costume.

What are your favorite activities and exhibits?

That’s a really good question. It’s so many additional attractions on that kind of events.

It’s really cool when there are some places, where you can buy some souvenirs, movies or games. Sometimes on those conventions or festivals it’s the only chance to buy some interesting stuff, which you would like to have in your collection.

I also really like discussion panels. I’ve been on a few at film festivals, and I’ve watched those from San Diego Comic Con or Nerd HQ. It’s a great opportunity to see your favorite artists, creators of a tv show, live, and hear some behind the scenes stories, ask a question. That’s so much fun!

And of course, some kind of special screenings. Those segments are great, because you can watch some old stuff, which you’ll probably have no chance to see anywhere else. And the other side, where you can watch new, upcoming projects, some promos.


In the meantime of planning your trip to Vegas, for a convention or just a vacation trip, you should check Las Vegas travel deals page for the best flight and hotel packages!

Let me know if you have any other tips for people who are going to their first convention or festival. 🙂

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