Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.8 ‘The X’ – Season One Finale

That time has come, the last episode of web series We’re NOT Friends just shows up.

Don’s ex is back in town… but what does this mean for the roommates? Meanwhile, Ashley brings her inner “badass” to work to stand up to the one and only Barb.


This week the best scene is, Ashley’s badass moment. She came to work, confident and ready to fight for her rights. She won, she get a job! She’s not a Barb’s slave, but employee and a hero for her co-workers.

Did you ever think that you’ve experienced weird dinner? You have to see what happened to our characters and unexpected guest in their house. We can see the real reason why Don’s ex-fiancée came back. Even if Don is weak men, he knows what’s good for him, and made the right decision.


This show was so much fun to watch. Not only because it’s funny, but also shows how two completely different people became friends. Also, you can see yourself in those characters, or can easily identify with them.

As I said on the first recap of this show, since episode one it’s funny. This will be really successful web series, for sure. Since the beginning I like the way, the characters are portrayed. They are very convincing, and real. They don’t fake anything.

I thought this season would end in a different way, but now I think, how this season ended is better for the story in the second season. I hope Ashley and Don will create next season.

I would recommend this web series to anyone who wants to see something new and different than what television gives us.

Check out We’re NOT Friends as soon as possible, you can watch eight episode here:


Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.7 ‘The Book Cover ’

At a nearby café, while awkwardly having tea with Don, a handsome Jane-Austen-reading young man hits on Ashley. Awkward as hell, Ashley looks to her friends and Don for help. When Sandra & Ja’nai give Ashley the ultimate makeover, Don doesn’t know what to make of his once girl-scout looking roommate, but Ashley’s too distracted by her future husband as she goes on the date, only to learn not to judge a book by its cover.


Ashley is unbelievably funny in this episode. Her unaware of Gabriel’s intentions at the beginning was ridiculous. How can we blame her, it’s something new for this girl.

We can see that, our characters’ friendship became stronger. Ashley finds out that she can count on Don in every kind of situations. No one’s gonna use his new friend. Especially some guy, who’ll do everything to get money from his parents.

I had so much fun during the scene, when the boys came back home. Don’s friends try to impress a girl in black, while they realize that’s Ashley. Then Gabriel came to pick up her for a date, boys opened the door. If you want to know what happened then you have to watch. That was the most hilarious scene!


Almost forgot about the music! In this episode we could hear another song. Therapy performed by Blue Apollo Music, appears when Ashley is getting ready for a date and at the end of the episode.

This episode is a really good lesson, don’t judge anyone by its cover. It’s not only rude, but also you can find out you were completely wrong, and the person which you judged is totally different.

Check out We’re NOT Friends as soon as possible, you can watch seventh episode here:

Recap: Westworld S.1 Ep.05 ‘Contrapasso’

A lot happened in this week’s episode of Westworld. Still doesn’t have many answers, and numbers of questions are growing, but we’re in the middle of the season, so long road ahead.


At the beginning I have to mention about Dolores. She isn’t an average host, she’s something or someone more. She might be a very important part of the story, and mystery of the park, and maze. As we know, the oldest host in the park, have that ability to updating itself,without anyones help, and knowledge.

This week again, mostly we could see what’s going on with Dolores. Host, Logan and William take a trip to Pariah – “city of outcasts, delinquents, thieves, whores, and murderers” – as part of their journey across the park. During this trip something is lurking inside Dolores, and she now almost seems in direct communication with something or someone, seeing visions and hearing voices that continue to push her towards the maze which promises real answers.


In the meantime behavioral programmer Elsie still examine the host, which tried to kill her. She discovers someone has been using the hosts to smuggle data out of the park. Who could it be, and why doing this?

There were few really unsure quotes, this week. First is the Dr Ford’s question: “Tell me Dolores, Do you remember the man, I used to be?” Why did he ask Dolores that? Who he was before then?


Another one, still from this conversation. Dolores asks Ford: “Are we very old friends?” His answer is: “No, I wouldn’t say friends, Dolores. I wouldn’t say that at all.” His face expression when he said it, shows like he cares about her, that she could be someone important for him. Who the hell are they to each other?

The most frightening scene in this episode was Dolores after her conversation with Ford. Dark room, after Ford leaves, Dolores says to someone: “He doesn’t know. I didn’t tell him anything.” I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with her, but it doesn’t look good. When artificial intelligence became aware, noting good can happen.


One more, really interesting thing. About the colors which can symbolize if someone is good or bad. William, at the beginning, choose white hat, as we could see so far, his good guy, who’s following the rules. On the other hand, we have Logan and Man in Black, who are definitely worse people. In this week’s episode we could see, that Dolores got her color, and it’s neither white or black, it’s brown. We will see, which side she’ll choose.

Does Arnold contact with hosts? What if Arnold doesn’t exist, and is some kind of alter ego of Ford? What is inside of the maze?

Review #15: Hurricane

Hurricane is a short film written and directed by Christiano Dias. Starring Lisa Roumain, Corey Page, and David Jay.


It’s a dark comedy set during the Cold War about a paranoid man, Oslo (Corey Page) and his wife, Eva Alduars (Lisa Roumain), experiencing some strange happenings during the dinner. The argument over the meal soon focuses on the radio which should play in the background, but now it’s silent. It reminds Oslo of a similar incident that apparently happened in a neighbor’s house, in which a man had discovered a small microphone inside his radio. Not long after that same man had disappeared. Oslo suspects the Commies got him. In the meantime, knocking on the door disturb the dinner.

This short film perfectly shows how paranoia and mistrust can lead us to make poor decisions and act irrationally. And sometimes when we make a mistake, it’s no turning back, and you can’t just say “I’m sorry, I was wrong”.


In this short film, we can see great performances from all three cast members. Corey’s performance, as husband stole the show, changing dynamic and moods, which was brilliant. Lisa Roumain as Eva Alduars, perfectly showed calm, even in the scene between Oslo and young men. David Jay, who played Benjamin Shaw expressed fear, he looked very uncomfortable, and he has done this in a very convincing way.

Noteworthy is also music, created by Daniel James Chan. Which fits fantastic to scenes, which we can see. Music doesn’t disturb to the shots, it’s subtle background. What helps the viewer to get involved in the story, and brings back the 50s.


Hurricane is a dark and sinister look at the perils of cold war paranoia and how this fear can lead to tragic consequences. Of course, such an attitude is still current. Nowadays lives so many people who are possessed by paranoia related to the conspiracy theories.

Really good and interesting writing, great performances made this an excellent short film that was very easy to watch and enjoy. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see something new.


Recap: Westworld S.1 Ep.04 ‘Dissonance Theory’

Most of the time in this episode is about Maeve. Something really weird is going on with her. She gets some kind of flashes, she sees weird creatures. She recalls the alien presence of strange figures in helmet suits well enough to have sketched them out crudely on a piece of paper. When she discovers a stash of previous drawings hidden under the floorboards, she not only affirms the consistency of her vision, but also the eerily consistent pattern of behavior that defines her life. Her newfound self-awareness has transformed reality into a hard to stand experience.


When Hector appears in the city to heist which he’s been programmed to do, Maeve offers him the combination to the safe in exchange for information. She shows Hector the sketch. He talks about “the man who walks between worlds” who was “sent from hell to oversee our world.” She asks him to carve open her belly because she remembers getting shot and wants to see if there’s still a bullet lodged in there.


For her part, Dolores escapes her nightly routine of being raped and murdered. And she accepts the pain of losing her parents because it makes her a more complete emotional being. She starts to think that, something wrong is with this world, or with her. Bernard offers Dolores to play a secret game, called “The Maze.” The goal is to find the center of it, if she can do that, then she can be free. Sounds easy, we can’t be more wrong.


Last week, we learned a little bit about Wyatt, who believed that he “could hear the voice of God” and also we learnt that Ford’s old partner Arnold was in the habit of giving the hosts interior monologues, and finally, give them consciousness.

In this episode Men in Black mentioned is chasing after “Arnold’s legacy” and that, he is chasing after it. As we learnt it’s a mysterious, supposedly highly significant final story, woven into the fabric of the park itself. But, after following the clues, his search has led him to the legend of Wyatt, a new character in narrative created by Dr Ford, we’ve heard in the previous episode.


I’m really curious where and what exactly this maze is. Two completely different characters, in many ways, are looking for this place. For The Man in Black, the maze represents the ultimate adventure. For Dolores, it’s freedom.

Who is the “man who walks between worlds”? What it’s that new narration, Dr Ford is working on?


What’s your thoughts about this episode? Any theories? Let me know!🙂

Recap: Westworld S.1 Ep.03 ‘The Stray’

The first question from this episode: Is Dolores becoming conscious?

The episode begin with a meeting between Dolores and Bernard, who’s been giving the host books to read “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Dolores in general seems to be changing, and more importantly, remembering the things that have happened to her in past loops. Perhaps that’s why she starts to wanting more with Teddy, the fact that she’s just now becoming aware of the fact that things can change.


During the reading we can hear one quote: Who in the world I am?

In that case, the viewer starts to think about it, is those hosts became humans somehow? In hosts “minds” they are real, they’re not aware of the loops they’re live in. For the residents of Westworld, the Newcomers are like guests from another country, who came to see another culture. But what if this creature starts to be aware, what can happen to the guests?

We can see a little bit more about what Man in Black done with Dolores. He didn’t rape her, like we could think at the beginning. He has probably done something with her software. Maybe upload something, that she can remember what happened in the past.


Meanwhile, William and Logan, finally begin to really explore the adventure available in Westworld, which escalates in this episode with the beginnings of Dr. Ford’s new narrative, one that leads him to finally create a backstory for Teddy.

While Ford is telling to Bernard about the story of the park, we can find mysterious Arnold is. Ford explains to Bernard that Arnold was his partner in developing the Westworld hosts, but that Arnold wanted to create consciousness, building of a pyramid of memory, improvisation, self-interest, and at the top, the “voice” of the Creator. Arnold died in the park under dubious circumstances and Ford wants his fate to be a lesson for Bernard: “Don’t forget, the hosts are not real. They’re not conscious. You mustn’t make Arnold’s mistake.”


This show asks one good question: what makes us human? Our bodies, awareness, or our emotions? Guests in Westworld seem to forget about emotions and feeling, they’re in power to do things they would never do in the real world. They’re killing hosts in cold blood, because they can do that, just like that. In other side, we have hosts, which are able to feel, sadness and fear. The viewer sometimes can forget that, those are just machines.

And when I discover who I am, I’ll be free, said Dolores, during the conversation with Bernard. What does it mean for her, to be free?


After this episode we can have more questions: Who’s that voice Dolores hears? How long before a host hurts, or kills, a human?

What’s your thoughts about this episode? Any theories? Let me know!🙂

Recap: Westworld S.1 Ep.02 ‘Chestnut’

First episode tells us the most about the hosts of the park, in the second episode, we could find out how it’s to be a guest there. We’ve met new character, William. Now we can be sure that, he’s a human being. He’s going to Westworld with his future brother-in-law, Logan. William is a newcomer, and he’s forced to listen to advice from more experience companion.


The other side of the story in this episode is Bernard, the guy who’s working with hosts in the lab, he thinks that, what’s going on with avatars isn’t coincidence, but sabotage. He meets up with Theresa, and we can pretty sure what’s the purpose of those meetings. But less clear purpose hides behind his meetings with Dolores. They’re talking, but Bernard asks host not to tell anyone about their meeting.

During this episode we could also see that, something wrong is going on with the most of the hosts. When Dolores meets Maeve, she tells her ‘These violent delights have violent ends’, it looks like the rancher’s daughter has transmitted a some kind of code, a virus that unlocks something inside the madam, and now Maeve remember a brutal attack on her family.westworldrecap1

Beside the Bernard’s secret we have a few others. One of them is Dolores. She awakens, and guided by an unseen force, walks to a spot in her yard. Buried in dirt under her feet is a pistol. Who left it there, and for what? Does this gun work the same as the rest of the weapons in Westworld, or does Dolores now possess a deadly weapon? Who’s that voice she hears?

Very intriguing is the church. When management wants to have new narrative, Ford thinks it’s about the time to show his own original idea. He shoots down the idea ‘Odyssey on the Red River’. He later goes for walk with Bernard, through a deserted part of Westworld and comes to a place where a church steeple protrudes from the ground. Is there any chance that’s part of the town from an old version of the park? Or it’s a new Ford’s idea for narrative.


We still don’t have the answers for questions from the first episode: What that’s it means that Dolores is the oldest host in the park, does that mean she’s the most evolved of them all? Who’s this Man in Black? What’s going on with that fly?

What’s your thoughts about this episode? Let me know!🙂