Recap: Westworld S.1 Ep.02 ‘Chestnut’

First episode tells us the most about the hosts of the park, in the second episode, we could find out how it’s to be a guest there. We’ve met new character, William. Now we can be sure that, he’s a human being. He’s going to Westworld with his future brother-in-law, Logan. William is a newcomer, and he’s forced to listen to advice from more experience companion.


The other side of the story in this episode is Bernard, the guy who’s working with hosts in the lab, he thinks that, what’s going on with avatars isn’t coincidence, but sabotage. He meets up with Theresa, and we can pretty sure what’s the purpose of those meetings. But less clear purpose hides behind his meetings with Dolores. They’re talking, but Bernard asks host not to tell anyone about their meeting.

During this episode we could also see that, something wrong is going on with the most of the hosts. When Dolores meets Maeve, she tells her ‘These violent delights have violent ends’, it looks like the rancher’s daughter has transmitted a some kind of code, a virus that unlocks something inside the madam, and now Maeve remember a brutal attack on her family.westworldrecap1

Beside the Bernard’s secret we have a few others. One of them is Dolores. She awakens, and guided by an unseen force, walks to a spot in her yard. Buried in dirt under her feet is a pistol. Who left it there, and for what? Does this gun work the same as the rest of the weapons in Westworld, or does Dolores now possess a deadly weapon? Who’s that voice she hears?

Very intriguing is the church. When management wants to have new narrative, Ford thinks it’s about the time to show his own original idea. He shoots down the idea ‘Odyssey on the Red River’. He later goes for walk with Bernard, through a deserted part of Westworld and comes to a place where a church steeple protrudes from the ground. Is there any chance that’s part of the town from an old version of the park? Or it’s a new Ford’s idea for narrative.


We still don’t have the answers for questions from the first episode: What that’s it means that Dolores is the oldest host in the park, does that mean she’s the most evolved of them all? Who’s this Man in Black? What’s going on with that fly?

What’s your thoughts about this episode? Let me know!🙂

Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.6 ‘Dancing Fool’

In this week’s episode we can see a familiar face, Sandra. She’s an Ashley’s friend, they’ve met in the third episode.


Don finds out his dance partner left him, it’s half way through their rehearsal season prepping for their big performance at the end of the month. He turns to Ashley and Sandra for help, but when things don’t go as planned, tensions heat up and as close as the roommates get, they are once again reminded that they aren’t as close as they seem, and Don’s hormones put Ashley in an uncomfortable situation.

Finally! Finally, we can see, that it’s something between our two main characters. They can’t deny it now. I think Ashley gets a little jealous about Don, when she finds out, that Sandra came home with him. Don starts to think he made a mistake? Or he’ll try not to think about those feelings?


Two episodes to the end of this show, I hope we will see a happy ending for this couple. They meant to be together! I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next episode.

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Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.5 ‘Best Day Ever’

The longest and I think the best episode so far!

Ashley tries to reconcile with Don after two weeks of not speaking following the night of too much drinking and spilled secrets. We follow both Ashley and Don throughout their day, as Ashley rushes off to the newsroom, Don… well Don does Don.12694659_845272895581171_5375410146855930278_o

We met Ashley’s boss, and finds out, that she’s on internship, and she doesn’t get paid.

This episode was funny. We could see Ashley and Don separately. Don spent time with his friends, playing golf. Ashley tried some yoga, and went to work, where no one understand her.

I really like Ashley and Don’s interaction. This relationship evolves from roomies to friends, and probably something more in the future. I liked last scene, very much. Those two just talking, and you, as a viewer you can see, that they care about each other. That not being friends, thing, it’s just a pose. They’re friends, even if they don’t know about it yet.


We could hear, the best small dialogue in this show:

“A: Hey look, you can see Mars tonight.

D: That’s a cell phone tower.”

With each episode I like this show even more. The sad thing is that, it’s closer to the end of this little, funny show.

New episodes are released every Wednesday.

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Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.4 ‘Roomiez 4 Eva’

Ashley and Don are now just trying to exist in one house. However, when they both have friends over at the house, and when their friends take an interest in each other, a night of fun and drinking quickly leads to some secrets revealed and the roommates being pushed to their limits, having to reconcile where exactly they stand.


In this episode Ashley invited friends she met on her Hollywood Adventure, and Don invited his old friends. Everyone has fun, except Don. Ashley finally feels like home, and Don accept the fact that he’s living with someone right now. The group has a so much fun, until Don by accident reveal Ashley’s secret. Girl pays him back and make a comment about his fiance. This is the end of fun this evening for those two. They have small conversation and explained everything with each other.

In my opinion, this episode was fun. We can how Ashley and Don’s relationship growing up. Don still keep saying that they’re NOT friends, Ashley thinks the opposite. I think in the end they won’t be friends, in my opinion they’ll be more than that.


I really like the music choice in this show, every week we can hear a different song. And every time it fits perfectly to the episode. This time it has been song Just Enough performed by Josh Bales.

New episodes are released every Wednesday.

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Recap: Westworld S.1 Ep.01 ‘The Original’


A series inspired by the 1973 film of the same title written by Michael Crichton about a futuristic theme park. This place is where rich people go to pretend they’re cowboys. The park is filled with a cast of immaculately made ‘hosts’, who stick to a series of recurring scripts that involve hundreds of intersecting storylines.


In the film, Westworld is just one of three themed worlds. Guests also get to choose between Roman World and Medieval World. In the show we can only see the Westworld, I’m curious if in next seasons we’ll see other worlds.

In this show we can see a mix of other shows and movies. The tv show Humans, because of robots who looks like humans and behave like them. Truman Show, because of monotonous of hosts live. The Hunger Games, because of the way creators, of this park, are watching what’s going on in this place. They’re using similar mock-up of the world.


The main character is Delores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) as she goes about her days repeatedly playing out the loop written for her as one of the parks many semi-autonomous ‘hosts’ or artificial life forms created by Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and his team. In time something bad start to happen to those robots. Their creators aren’t sure what’s going on, is it only software or data base’s problem, or hosts start to be aware and self conscious.


Somewhere on the internet I saw the question, why the technical crew of this park shows up, once in modern clothes and another time in clothes which fits more to the park reality. I think the answer is easy, they’re appear in modern clothes when they turned off the hosts, and dealing with technical problems. When a host is kind of a turn off, can’t remember what happen in that time. When the crew has to check something or find another broken robot, they have to do this in undercover. Robots aren’t aware what they are, they only know that they live on the west, and believe that everyone they know are real, and their world is real. The hosts are unaware of what they are, and creators want them to live that way.


I can’t stop to think that hosts aren’t fully created in a lab. I think they’re human beings before. When they died Dr. Ford recreated them to robots. Maybe not all of them, but I feel, at least that’s what happened to Dolores.

Here’s of course, many questions without the answer, for now. Isn’t technology gone too far. Those robots are programmed not to hurt the humans, but how long will that last? What that’s it means that Dolores is the oldest host in the park, does that mean she’s the most evolved of them all? Who’s this Man in Black? What’s going on with that fly?

I can’t wait for another episode!

Did you watch this episode already? If you did, what do you think?🙂


Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.3 ‘Don’t Call Don’

In this episode Ashley invites Don to go on her first ‘Hollywood Adventure’, but after getting turned down in seconds, she makes the trek to the land of the stars by herself on the metro. Things don’t go according to plan and the roommates just may have more in common than they thought.


After some disagreements from the previous episode, our characters got used to each others company in the house. It’s been two weeks since Ashley moved to LA, so she and Don are roomies now. We also find out that Don loves to watch Downton Abbey. (Good choice!) And unfortunately Ashley doesn’t know nothing more about her roommate, they still talk as less as possible.

At the end of the episode we can see Don and Ashley little talk. The guy finally opens up in front of new friend. Their interaction in this scene is adorable, and real. The chemistry between those two is unbelievable.


In my opinion, this episode was the funniest one. We can’t only hear some funny quotes, but there are also funny situations, which could happen to everyone. In We’re NOT Friends, Ashley is the master of getting into that kind of situations.

I really like the music choice in this show, every week we can hear a different song. And every time it fits perfectly to the episode. This time it was song ‘Supergirl’ performed by Krystal Peterson.

New episodes are released every Wednesday.

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Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.2 ‘Boundaries’

That’s been two weeks since my last review. Time runs really fast! Anyway, I promised that I’ll write recaps of every episode of new web series We’re NOT Friends, and I’m gonna keep my promise.


In the first episode we’ve met Don and Ashley, Don was looking for a roommate, and he found one. Sooner than he thought. After a quick interview Ashley can move in, and she does it as soon as she can. Which means next day, before Don can change his mind.

In the second episode we could see how Ashley made herself comfortable in a new place. She’s cleaning up the house. Making a home roles board. Don feels little uncomfortable with this new situation. I think he started to regret this decision, for a moment. Ashley’s really curious, she wants to know something more about her roommate, and it’s not easy because Don isn’t an outgoing person. He also can’t stand the fact that Ashley, can’t respect his privacy.

The tittle of this episode is ‘Boundaries’, and we can see who has a problem with it. Ashley has to accept them, learn that there are some boundaries,lines which she can’t cross, if she wants to stay in Don’s house.


Ashley and Don, as creators, shows, how complete strangers, and really different human beings, can create any kind of relationship. And as we all know, get to know someone it’s not an easy process, sometimes.

The second episode is funny, like the first one. When two completely different people start to live in one house, it’s always funny and some fights can happen, fights about everything.

In this episode we could hear a good song from L. Frost ‘Put Yo Hands Up’, while Ashley’s cleaning and at the end of the episode. I can’t wait to hear more songs which were chosen for this show.

I really enjoyed this episode, I can’t wait to watch more!🙂


New episodes are released every Wednesday.

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