Review #12: Emotional Motor Unit

Almost a year ago I reviewed first feature film Little Pieces, directed by Adam Nelson (you can find my review here). This year we'll be able to watch a new movie from Apple Park Films Production. This time it's a short sci-fi/drama film, called Emotional Motor Unit, wrote by Xenia Puiggros and directed by Adam … Continue reading Review #12: Emotional Motor Unit

Review #11: Antisocial

What will happen when you'll mix movies like Unfriended, The Pruge and one of the famous tv show? (I don't want to spoil anything, when you watch this movie, you'll probably know, about which show I'm talking.) You'll have a horror called Antisocial. The movie was released in 2013, wrote and directed by Cody Calahan. … Continue reading Review #11: Antisocial