Review #9: The Wave

This Norwegian movie was a candidate to Oscar this year, directed by Roara Uthauga surprisingly efficiently and full of tension and dramaturgy, which can compare to Hollywood super production.

The point of exit is a genuine tragedy, which had place over 100 years ago. The big part of a fallen cliff has evoked powerful wave, which has caused death of many people. Experts are convicted, that similar situation behind case of natural process of erosion sooner or later will be repeated. There is attempt of showing how it could look.


The Wave it’s very modest catastrophic cinema, I can even say, that this is the simplest private spectacle in the comparison to the impressive, usually immeasurably pathetic and crammed with special effects pictures from Hollywood. Production is concentrated on the performance of small fate, beauty of the localities of touristic, situated above the bewitching Geiranger fiord, shows to tourists uncommon beauty, but also hiding a deadly mystery. Events which we look at, are shown from the point of view Kristian and his family. Kristian is geologist whom just finishes work on interesting monitoring of erosive processes in the cliff of Geiranger fiord. Man received employment in the private sector and together with his family is packing and planning of the removal. Exactly then the readings from the machines of measuring, begins to show the anomaly.

By the first half of the movie, creators trying to create the thread of understanding between the viewers and previously mentioned characters, and arousing among the spectators of sympathy . We are getting to know family members’s dreams and their systems of values.

Kristoffer Joner, Fridtjov Såheim, Laila Goody, Arthus Berning og Herman Bernhoft i Bølgen

In contrast to the majority of catastrophic production, here we deal with mere, loving family, with which everyone without the problem will identify, but as a consequence of on the own skin we can feel the emotions and feelings during occurring ten-minute nightmare, but this, how non-difficultly to get it, once and for all in small village Geiranger, the fate will change. If someone’s waiting for the effects like, from The Day After Tomorrow, will be a little disappointed. The Norwegian creator in this movie put above all on the tension and playwriting. The catastrophe concerns a only small locality, in which all inhabitants are known undoubtedly from childhood and meet every day they. We observe the drama of a narrow group of people. Thanks to that we start to care about the lives of people in the little village Geiranger.

The undeniable quality of this part is the increasing tension which assures spectators the appropriate injection of adrenaline. From the moment, when the main character, places stop-watch on time of 10 minutes, the rate of work drastically grows up, but viewers with bated breath await arrivals of 85 a meter wave.

In the film you will find several attractive scenes, which are connected with the falling of the fiord, which brings rising wave of the tsunami which with the uncommon lightness conquers succeeding meters inevitably approaching to a small locality. It is necessary to admit, that this sight makes both impressive, and terrifying sensation. In these several scenes creators succeeds to be shown the true might of nature, the man or his knowledge and technology can’t face a nature.


Perhaps the film is lacking characteristic for Hollywood the impetus, but the full story told by the screenwriters, is playwriting and holds in the tension to the end of the movie, and the capable actors took care of the creation of an emotional attachment with the viewers, which gives a satisfying performance. The picture will surprise accomplishment the viewers, but besides that, it proves, that Europeans with the large success will be able to create, the standing on the most suitable level catastrophic cinema, which could be better in certain respects than movies from behind large water.



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