TV (web) series #5: That’s My DJ (season 2)

It’s been a year since I found out about That’s My DJ series. Now we finally can watch season two of this epic little show about DJs. Leave your tv shows and Netfix for a while and check this out!


The show is created and directed by D.W. Waterson, also known as Hey! dw, written with Kaveh Mohebbi. Starring Emily Piggford, Dayle McLeod, Jade Hassouné, Kelly Cormack and Kristian Bruun. Like, in the first season, the series has 8 episodes, each between 3-8 minutes long.


This season we can see the story of Meagan (Emily Piggford), we know her from season one. She’s not a DJ. She really loves music, she’s also tired of spent so much money for music events in big clubs. Meagan and her friend Sam (Jade Hassouné) wants to create their own event and place for local DJs. Meantime girl meets Hannah (Dayle McLeod), who’s a beginner DJ. When they met something happened between them. Love, attraction? That wasn’t be a problem if Hannah wouldn’t have a boyfriend. If you want to know what happen, you have to watch.


The way, of how some scenes where shot and edited, can remind you of a music video. Add to this music and a great cast, which played fantastic. Everyone presents their character very realistically and believable. Besides music and parties we can also see elements of everyday drama, when you put it together in a good way it’ll create amazing show. The viewer can easily indentify with the characters, they’re young people who want to create something completely new. This series shows that, if you want ant have right people around you, you can do a lot of great things.

Music is a huge part of the show. As on the first season tracke are well chosen. You’ll hear songs like: All that I need by Wolf Saga, You and Just Yet by For Esme, Noahplause’s Runnin, Give a Little from Featurette and many, many more!

As I said in previous review, the idea for a series is interesting and amazing. It’s comepletely different from what television gives us. We need more this kind of series, about ordinary people who wants to do something with their lives, who believe in their dreams. It’s one of my favorite web series! Check out That’s My DJ as soon as possible!

Season one and two are available here:



2 thoughts on “TV (web) series #5: That’s My DJ (season 2)

  1. I need to check this tv show, that’s for sure. And man, all of my shows ended, so something fresh will be on point! thanks for sharing ❤ – Zosia 😀


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