Review #16: Kate plays Christine

A few days ago, on SundanceTV I watched really good and interesting documentary, Kate plays Christine. The new movie by Robert Greene was supposed to be a drama about the real-life character of Christine Chubbuck, instead of a drama, he made a documentary, but it was on purpose, I guess.

You die two times. You die when you pass away and then you die the second time, the last time someone mentioned your name.”


The basis for this movie was a story of Christine Chubbuck, a 29-year-old TV news journalist from Sarasota, who killed herself with a gun to the head, on the air in 1974. The director chooses the actress Kate Lyn Sheil for the role. To prepare, Kate does her own research into Chubbuck’s life story; Greene films that investigation, and it takes over his movie.

In fact, this film came up as a double documentary. Part of the movie is about Chubbuck. In the process, the actress turns into a journalist herself and we can slowly can find out who these women were. As Kate study more details of Chubbuck’s life, the movie showed us the wider context surrounding TV news in the 1970s, and the sexism that affected her professional and personal life. The other part is about Kate’s effort to understand and inhabit the character. It’s even harder when you’ve never seen a footage of the person who you’ll impersonate.


Thanks to those two parts, it’s a different type of documentary, which I really liked and enjoyed. You can watch this movie in two different ways. One, stay focus on how Kate does her research. The other way is, to try to get to know Christine and try to understand her and the people around her.

The ending is really strong, and got a point. Probably after you hear about Christine Chubbuck, you’ll try to find footage from that day. You’ll fail.

Why we would like to see this? What makes it worth of watching? We want to watch this because, we are a society which used to violence? Because of curiosity?



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