TV (web) series #6: Under the Flowers

New web series is coming! This time the creators of award-winning The Halloween Girl gives us, short web series called Under the Flowers. The show won’t be long, only four episodes, but I hope it’ll be more in the future.


The show tells the story of Jackie (Katie Stahl), who has one too many nightmares – especially when she’s awake. Whether it’s the black flowers growing out of a little boy’s hand, the unnerving Goth Girl, Poe (Lauren LaVera) who appears just before her black outs or the strange man who visits in her ‘unconscious’ state, she regularly feels her sanity slipping away. But as one world digs in to the other, challenging her ‘reality’, Jackie knows the true answer lies somewhere…under the flowers.

The first episode, ‘Nick of Time’ is creepy and encouraging. It introduces us to the story in a very interesting way. It’s a mystery, curiosity, viewer can’t stop looking on the screen and want to see more. Most of the horror movies create this by music, but here it’s about the story, we’re curious what happened.

Like in The Halloween Girl, Richard T. Wilson, who’s a producer, writer, cinematographer and director, does a great job not only with creating a really interesting story but also with the editing and digital effects. The nightmare scenes were made perfectly, gave some chills. Viewer can be like, Jackie’s companion through this scary journey.

Show is built in a very smart way. I’m in a good position, because I already watched the entire series, and I know what will happen. After a first episode appears few questions, who are all those people, Jackie sees? Why she has those visions? Will those questions be revealed? You will all, find out soon.

I really enjoyed this short web series. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see something different, a new point of view for web or tv shows. Great story and an amazing cast, make this series memorable. For sure it’s not for everyone, but for sure, it’s a project which really deserves attention.

The show premieres on January 15th at, new episodes will air every Sunday.


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