Review #5: Little Pieces

The debut feature film directed by Adam Nelson, is a micro-budget social drama. Movie tells a story about two brothers, Michael and Eric, who are trying to deal with drama and angst in their lives as best as they can. Michael lives alone, he wouldn’t stay at family house. Young men trying to deal with his dark side. He’s studying business and hoping, that one day he would change something in his life. Eric is a completely opposite of his brother, he is stuck at family house and trying to take care of his drunken father.

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At the beginning we’re not sure in which way that story will go. But slowly with time we realize, that everything what happens in the movie has its cause and result. At first it may seem that the film is a patchwork of separate scenes, which aren’t connected with each other, but when we watch it to the end everything is going into a logical whole. Difficulties in perception may cause the fact, that the scenes aren’t in the chronological sequence of events. But I think it adds charm to the film and makes the viewer has to get involved.The script is really well written, it make viewer feels like it could be a real story, which can happen anywhere and to anyone. We can see really impressive and interesting shots. I think this is why Little Pieces is a good example of a well done independent movie.

Both actors who plays brothers are great in different way. Matt Jones, who plays Eric, had a difficult job. His character has more depth and mystery. His character was more difficult to play, because he suffered inside and he was closed for help from outside. In contrast to Michael who’s more angry. Finnian Nainby-Luxmore as Michael gave a really good performance, just not as incredible as Matthew, and I believe his strongest scenes were with Isabelle Glinn, or Matthew. Young actors did well, but we can’t forget about Graham Cawte’s performance, as David, Eric and Michael’s father. He showed very well a addicted father and broken man who’s lost and has no idea how much his drinking affects his sons and what consequences this may have.

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In movie we can also see Cheryl (Isabelle Glinn), young girl with a goal in her life and more focus about what she wants. Because of that she’s the complete opposite of brothers. They don’t have a goal and they live kinda day by day. We also meet Cheryl’s boss, Jerry. For me that character was little exaggerated, he tried to be like a though guy from movies from 80s or 90s.

Noteworthy is also music, which keeps viewers in dramatic feeling of the film, and song at the end, was a perfect choice for closing the story. Music fits fantastic to scenes, which we can see.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see something different, a more realistic social drama film than we can see in blockbusters films. For sure it’s not movie for everyone, not everyone will like it but I think that, it’s definitely a whiff of fresh air and really deserves attention.

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