Review #4: Woman in Gold

I finally was able to watch the Woman in Gold. I’ve been waiting for this movie for two reasons, but rather because of my two favorite actresses Helen Mirren and Tatiana Maslany. Besides, movie touch on an interesting and difficult subject of fight for lost works of art during the second world war, belonging to the families of ordinary citizens, and the question of the validity of such measures.


The film tells the true story of Maria Altman, Jew born in Austria currently living in the United States, which after the death of her sister decides to fight for the return of family memorabilia, which during the war had been looted by the Nazis. In this fight helps her young lawyer Randol Schoenberg. Part of the stolen collection is precious painting of Gustav Klimt, “Gold Adela”. For a woman it’s not only the painting but also the portrait of her beloved aunt, who prematurely passed away.

At first glance, it can be said that the film is only about judicial fight, but this is not the case. The film also shows that it is helpful to know national identity, the roots of our family. Well shows this character of Randol (Ryan Raynolds), man was interested in Maria’s case because of the money, the struggle for the painting with great value can bring him fame and money. However, when he’s going to Vienna to learn more about his client’s family, he discovers the history of his family and his attitude change. Now a man struggling not because he counts for fame but because he feels that this is the right fight for justice. We are witnessing his inner transformation.


Very well chosen cast of main characters. Helen Mirren shines as usual. Perfectly showed emotional of her character, that despite the passage of so many years still has a guilty conscience, that left her family in the war-stricken Austria. Previously mentioned Ryan Raynolds did great job in the role of a young and not experienced lawyer. He was able to show the uncertainty that accompanied by his characters, that he can handle it, whether it is the right person for the job.

The film takes place on two levels. Pictured is the main character’s past and present, namely the year 1994. A woman often mentions the years of her youth. And at this point I should mention another actress, Tatiana Maslany, who portrayed the character of a young Mary. The role of undoubtedly worthy of attention, Tatiana has once again demonstrated that despite her young age her acting game is at a high level. She showed the emotions of a young woman, living in difficult times, which had to take difficult decisions in life. She also showed, that she doesn’t afraid of speaking in German and she can transfer real emotions in that language.


Flashbacks are well shot, showed not only the reasons for which Maria after years, trying to win back what was taken from her family, but also add more dramatics to movie. (scene of escape the young Maria and her husband from the Nazis). The scenes showing the present life are a little weaker, less pronounced, saved up by humor.

Director Simon Curtis set a goal and fulfilled it in part. I have to admit that the film, which he presented, despite a few weak points, is solid and very well made. This is not only thanks to history, but also cast and idea for the implementation of this project.

We need more such story, positive and that resemble us about existence of justice, respect for another human being and respect for the history, about what we, especially young people often forget.

 8/10  ❤

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