Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.7 ‘The Book Cover ’

At a nearby café, while awkwardly having tea with Don, a handsome Jane-Austen-reading young man hits on Ashley. Awkward as hell, Ashley looks to her friends and Don for help. When Sandra & Ja’nai give Ashley the ultimate makeover, Don doesn’t know what to make of his once girl-scout looking roommate, but Ashley’s too distracted … Continue reading Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.7 ‘The Book Cover ’

Recap: Westworld S.1 Ep.05 ‘Contrapasso’

A lot happened in this week's episode of Westworld. Still doesn't have many answers, and numbers of questions are growing, but we're in the middle of the season, so long road ahead. At the beginning I have to mention about Dolores. She isn't an average host, she's something or someone more. She might be a … Continue reading Recap: Westworld S.1 Ep.05 ‘Contrapasso’

Recap: Westworld S.1 Ep.03 ‘The Stray’

The first question from this episode: Is Dolores becoming conscious? The episode begin with a meeting between Dolores and Bernard, who’s been giving the host books to read "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland." Dolores in general seems to be changing, and more importantly, remembering the things that have happened to her in past loops. Perhaps that’s … Continue reading Recap: Westworld S.1 Ep.03 ‘The Stray’