TV (web) series #8: Northbound

If you like sci-fi and tv shows like, for example The 100, you might like this one. Season one was released in 2015. Now we’re waiting for the second season.

Northbound was co-produced by site GeekNation and production company Lullskull Ltd.


A series set in an abandoned, post-cataclysm wilderness, Northbound follows a handful of survivors as they eke out a daily existence and slowly unravel the mystery of an event that killed millions in a single day.

The series has 6 episodes, each between 6-13 minutes long. In every episode we can see some flashbacks from Man’s life before the cataclysm.

We can see here a beautiful shots of nature, which are created by Dan Englund, Nathan Anderson and Adam Barkle.


Besides the fantastic cinematography worth the attention is the actor who plays main character, Nate Alwine. Alwine gives a great performance as the Man. It’s not much dialogue, but still he shows emotions which are need to be shown.

In my opinion, that can be really successful web series. I like the way, the characters are portrayed, and the idea for the entire season. I can’t wait for next season.

I really enjoyed this short web series. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see something different, a new point of view for post cataclysm world. Great story and an amazing cast, make this series memorable. For sure, it’s not for everyone, but for sure, it’s a project which really deserves attention.

Check out Northbound as soon as possible, you can watch it here:


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