TV (web) series #7: My Roommate’s an Escort

At this time of the year you are probably waiting for your favorite tv shows to come back. I think it’s time to find something new to fill up your time.

In those days, when we want to find some interesting film or tv series we don’t have to be limited to proposals from large television stations. More often, are created Web series, produced low cost and giving sometimes better entertainment than the mega-productions.


My Roommate’s an Escort is an original comedy series directed by Katie Uhlmann, created by and starring Trish Rainone and Katie Uhlmann. It’s an off-kilter comedy about two completely opposite roommates who are forced by the chance to live together under one roof and influence each other’s lives, for better or worse. As a small-town girl, Heather, gets to know her new roommate Kesha, she starts to suspect Kesha may be an escort because of her dubious and sketchy behavior. However, Heather is non-confrontational in the extreme, and her inability to address a series of Kesha’s red-flag moments lead to the hilarious unraveling of Heather’s life. What will happen? You have to watch yourself.


The series has 11 episodes, each between 3-6 minutes long. Each of those episodes is filled with funny situations, mostly created by Kesha’s behavior. I really enjoyed this story of the beginning of new specific and cool friendship. Those two may not be a role model, and the most responsible people on the earth, but it’s really entertaining to watch how they’re dealing with life.

What’s great about this show, that a comedy written by women, performed by women and celebrating women, of course we can see there also a male characters. But most of fan base will be young women who can, kind of, identify themselves with the main characters.


In my opinion, that can be really successful web series. I like the way, the characters are portrayed, and the idea for the entire season. I hope it’ll be more episodes.

We need more of these series, about ordinary people that the joy of life. In my opinion, this is one of the best Web series, which I recently had the opportunity to watch.

Check out My Roommate’s an Escort as soon as possible, you can watch it here:


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