Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.8 ‘The X’ – Season One Finale

That time has come, the last episode of web series We’re NOT Friends just shows up.

Don’s ex is back in town… but what does this mean for the roommates? Meanwhile, Ashley brings her inner “badass” to work to stand up to the one and only Barb.


This week the best scene is, Ashley’s badass moment. She came to work, confident and ready to fight for her rights. She won, she get a job! She’s not a Barb’s slave, but employee and a hero for her co-workers.

Did you ever think that you’ve experienced weird dinner? You have to see what happened to our characters and unexpected guest in their house. We can see the real reason why Don’s ex-fiancée came back. Even if Don is weak men, he knows what’s good for him, and made the right decision.


This show was so much fun to watch. Not only because it’s funny, but also shows how two completely different people became friends. Also, you can see yourself in those characters, or can easily identify with them.

As I said on the first recap of this show, since episode one it’s funny. This will be really successful web series, for sure. Since the beginning I like the way, the characters are portrayed. They are very convincing, and real. They don’t fake anything.

I thought this season would end in a different way, but now I think, how this season ended is better for the story in the second season. I hope Ashley and Don will create next season.

I would recommend this web series to anyone who wants to see something new and different than what television gives us.

Check out We’re NOT Friends as soon as possible, you can watch eight episode here:


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