Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.7 ‘The Book Cover ’

At a nearby café, while awkwardly having tea with Don, a handsome Jane-Austen-reading young man hits on Ashley. Awkward as hell, Ashley looks to her friends and Don for help. When Sandra & Ja’nai give Ashley the ultimate makeover, Don doesn’t know what to make of his once girl-scout looking roommate, but Ashley’s too distracted by her future husband as she goes on the date, only to learn not to judge a book by its cover.


Ashley is unbelievably funny in this episode. Her unaware of Gabriel’s intentions at the beginning was ridiculous. How can we blame her, it’s something new for this girl.

We can see that, our characters’ friendship became stronger. Ashley finds out that she can count on Don in every kind of situations. No one’s gonna use his new friend. Especially some guy, who’ll do everything to get money from his parents.

I had so much fun during the scene, when the boys came back home. Don’s friends try to impress a girl in black, while they realize that’s Ashley. Then Gabriel came to pick up her for a date, boys opened the door. If you want to know what happened then you have to watch. That was the most hilarious scene!


Almost forgot about the music! In this episode we could hear another song. Therapy performed by Blue Apollo Music, appears when Ashley is getting ready for a date and at the end of the episode.

This episode is a really good lesson, don’t judge anyone by its cover. It’s not only rude, but also you can find out you were completely wrong, and the person which you judged is totally different.

Check out We’re NOT Friends as soon as possible, you can watch seventh episode here:

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