Review #15: Hurricane

Hurricane is a short film written and directed by Christiano Dias. Starring Lisa Roumain, Corey Page, and David Jay.


It’s a dark comedy set during the Cold War about a paranoid man, Oslo (Corey Page) and his wife, Eva Alduars (Lisa Roumain), experiencing some strange happenings during the dinner. The argument over the meal soon focuses on the radio which should play in the background, but now it’s silent. It reminds Oslo of a similar incident that apparently happened in a neighbor’s house, in which a man had discovered a small microphone inside his radio. Not long after that same man had disappeared. Oslo suspects the Commies got him. In the meantime, knocking on the door disturb the dinner.

This short film perfectly shows how paranoia and mistrust can lead us to make poor decisions and act irrationally. And sometimes when we make a mistake, it’s no turning back, and you can’t just say “I’m sorry, I was wrong”.


In this short film, we can see great performances from all three cast members. Corey’s performance, as husband stole the show, changing dynamic and moods, which was brilliant. Lisa Roumain as Eva Alduars, perfectly showed calm, even in the scene between Oslo and young men. David Jay, who played Benjamin Shaw expressed fear, he looked very uncomfortable, and he has done this in a very convincing way.

Noteworthy is also music, created by Daniel James Chan. Which fits fantastic to scenes, which we can see. Music doesn’t disturb to the shots, it’s subtle background. What helps the viewer to get involved in the story, and brings back the 50s.


Hurricane is a dark and sinister look at the perils of cold war paranoia and how this fear can lead to tragic consequences. Of course, such an attitude is still current. Nowadays lives so many people who are possessed by paranoia related to the conspiracy theories.

Really good and interesting writing, great performances made this an excellent short film that was very easy to watch and enjoy. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see something new.


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