Recap: Westworld S.1 Ep.04 ‘Dissonance Theory’

Most of the time in this episode is about Maeve. Something really weird is going on with her. She gets some kind of flashes, she sees weird creatures. She recalls the alien presence of strange figures in helmet suits well enough to have sketched them out crudely on a piece of paper. When she discovers a stash of previous drawings hidden under the floorboards, she not only affirms the consistency of her vision, but also the eerily consistent pattern of behavior that defines her life. Her newfound self-awareness has transformed reality into a hard to stand experience.


When Hector appears in the city to heist which he’s been programmed to do, Maeve offers him the combination to the safe in exchange for information. She shows Hector the sketch. He talks about “the man who walks between worlds” who was “sent from hell to oversee our world.” She asks him to carve open her belly because she remembers getting shot and wants to see if there’s still a bullet lodged in there.


For her part, Dolores escapes her nightly routine of being raped and murdered. And she accepts the pain of losing her parents because it makes her a more complete emotional being. She starts to think that, something wrong is with this world, or with her. Bernard offers Dolores to play a secret game, called “The Maze.” The goal is to find the center of it, if she can do that, then she can be free. Sounds easy, we can’t be more wrong.


Last week, we learned a little bit about Wyatt, who believed that he “could hear the voice of God” and also we learnt that Ford’s old partner Arnold was in the habit of giving the hosts interior monologues, and finally, give them consciousness.

In this episode Men in Black mentioned is chasing after “Arnold’s legacy” and that, he is chasing after it. As we learnt it’s a mysterious, supposedly highly significant final story, woven into the fabric of the park itself. But, after following the clues, his search has led him to the legend of Wyatt, a new character in narrative created by Dr Ford, we’ve heard in the previous episode.


I’m really curious where and what exactly this maze is. Two completely different characters, in many ways, are looking for this place. For The Man in Black, the maze represents the ultimate adventure. For Dolores, it’s freedom.

Who is the “man who walks between worlds”? What it’s that new narration, Dr Ford is working on?


What’s your thoughts about this episode? Any theories? Let me know!🙂

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