Recap: Westworld S.1 Ep.02 ‘Chestnut’

First episode tells us the most about the hosts of the park, in the second episode, we could find out how it’s to be a guest there. We’ve met new character, William. Now we can be sure that, he’s a human being. He’s going to Westworld with his future brother-in-law, Logan. William is a newcomer, and he’s forced to listen to advice from more experience companion.


The other side of the story in this episode is Bernard, the guy who’s working with hosts in the lab, he thinks that, what’s going on with avatars isn’t coincidence, but sabotage. He meets up with Theresa, and we can pretty sure what’s the purpose of those meetings. But less clear purpose hides behind his meetings with Dolores. They’re talking, but Bernard asks host not to tell anyone about their meeting.

During this episode we could also see that, something wrong is going on with the most of the hosts. When Dolores meets Maeve, she tells her ‘These violent delights have violent ends’, it looks like the rancher’s daughter has transmitted a some kind of code, a virus that unlocks something inside the madam, and now Maeve remember a brutal attack on her family.westworldrecap1

Beside the Bernard’s secret we have a few others. One of them is Dolores. She awakens, and guided by an unseen force, walks to a spot in her yard. Buried in dirt under her feet is a pistol. Who left it there, and for what? Does this gun work the same as the rest of the weapons in Westworld, or does Dolores now possess a deadly weapon? Who’s that voice she hears?

Very intriguing is the church. When management wants to have new narrative, Ford thinks it’s about the time to show his own original idea. He shoots down the idea ‘Odyssey on the Red River’. He later goes for walk with Bernard, through a deserted part of Westworld and comes to a place where a church steeple protrudes from the ground. Is there any chance that’s part of the town from an old version of the park? Or it’s a new Ford’s idea for narrative.


We still don’t have the answers for questions from the first episode: What that’s it means that Dolores is the oldest host in the park, does that mean she’s the most evolved of them all? Who’s this Man in Black? What’s going on with that fly?

What’s your thoughts about this episode? Let me know! 🙂

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