Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.6 ‘Dancing Fool’

In this week’s episode we can see a familiar face, Sandra. She’s an Ashley’s friend, they’ve met in the third episode.


Don finds out his dance partner left him, it’s half way through their rehearsal season prepping for their big performance at the end of the month. He turns to Ashley and Sandra for help, but when things don’t go as planned, tensions heat up and as close as the roommates get, they are once again reminded that they aren’t as close as they seem, and Don’s hormones put Ashley in an uncomfortable situation.

Finally! Finally, we can see, that it’s something between our two main characters. They can’t deny it now. I think Ashley gets a little jealous about Don, when she finds out, that Sandra came home with him. Don starts to think he made a mistake? Or he’ll try not to think about those feelings?


Two episodes to the end of this show, I hope we will see a happy ending for this couple. They meant to be together! I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next episode.

New episodes are released every Wednesday.

Check out We’re NOT Friends as soon as possible, you can watch sixth episode here:

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