Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.2 ‘Boundaries’

That’s been two weeks since my last review. Time runs really fast! Anyway, I promised that I’ll write recaps of every episode of new web series We’re NOT Friends, and I’m gonna keep my promise.


In the first episode we’ve met Don and Ashley, Don was looking for a roommate, and he found one. Sooner than he thought. After a quick interview Ashley can move in, and she does it as soon as she can. Which means next day, before Don can change his mind.

In the second episode we could see how Ashley made herself comfortable in a new place. She’s cleaning up the house. Making a home roles board. Don feels little uncomfortable with this new situation. I think he started to regret this decision, for a moment. Ashley’s really curious, she wants to know something more about her roommate, and it’s not easy because Don isn’t an outgoing person. He also can’t stand the fact that Ashley, can’t respect his privacy.

The tittle of this episode is ‘Boundaries’, and we can see who has a problem with it. Ashley has to accept them, learn that there are some boundaries,lines which she can’t cross, if she wants to stay in Don’s house.


Ashley and Don, as creators, shows, how complete strangers, and really different human beings, can create any kind of relationship. And as we all know, get to know someone it’s not an easy process, sometimes.

The second episode is funny, like the first one. When two completely different people start to live in one house, it’s always funny and some fights can happen, fights about everything.

In this episode we could hear a good song from L. Frost ‘Put Yo Hands Up’, while Ashley’s cleaning and at the end of the episode. I can’t wait to hear more songs which were chosen for this show.

I really enjoyed this episode, I can’t wait to watch more! 🙂


New episodes are released every Wednesday.

Check out We’re NOT Friends as soon as possible, you can watch second episode here:


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