Recap: We’re NOT Friends Ep.1 ‘The Girl Scout’

I like those moments when you have nothing new or interesting to watch, and one day, from nowhere appeared new small web series. If you just found my blog, you have to know that, I love watching web series. When I found interesting show, I wrote a review of the entire season, this time it’s different. With this show, I’ll try to write a recap every week. Let’s get started! 🙂


This show is written, created and directed by Ashley Bornancin and Don DiPetta, who also play main characters here.

The show tells the story of two verry different young people who are forced by the chance to live together under one roof. In the first episode we get to know our main characters. It’s Don, who is an ex- baseball player running short on money living in a big house, that he can’t pay for anymore. He’s looking for a roommate, and one day Ashley shows up at his door.

After the first episode, I think this series will show how, so different people, strong personalities became best friends, or maybe even more. This episode, it’s only 8 minutes long, but in that short time we’re witnessing of funny situations, which could happen to everyone. We can also hear some funny quotes. If you want to know them, you have to watch the show!


In my opinion, if the rest of the episodes are funny, like this one, or more, that can be really successful web series. I like the way, the characters are portrayed. They are very convincing, real. They don’t fake anything. I think in time, the viewer will easily identify with those characters.

The idea which Ashley and Don had is really funny and interesting. It’s a whiff of fresh air compared to what television gives us. I’ll happily spend a few minutes every week with those two.

New episodes are released every Wednesday.

Check out We’re NOT Friends as soon as possible, you can watch first episode here:

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