Review #14: The Secret Life of Pets

Since I saw the trailer of new animation called The Secret Life of Pets, I knew I’ll watch this film as soon as I can. I watched it today, and I have so much fun!

Have you ever imagined what your pet does when you leave the house? Then this is the movie for you. In this movie creators had that idea: pets visit one another’s apartments, they dance and flirt and play loud music and then, when we return, pretend that they’ve been waiting for us the whole time.


The film written by Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio and Brian Lynch and directed by Yarrow Cheney and Chris Renaud.

Story in this movie is like in many others. The main characters get into trouble and had adventures of their lifes.

At the beginning, we meet Max (Louis C.K.), a little dog which had an amazing life with his owner. We get to now his friends. Little white dog, Gidget (Jenny Slate), who’s secretly in love with Max. Chloe (Lake Bell) is a cat, Max’s best friend, she loves to eat anything every time. Mel (Bobby Moynihan) is another dog, little dummy. Max’s life will change because his owner brings home a new dog, Duke (Eric Stonestreet). Because of this guy trouble starts. In the meantime, we meet eagle named Tiberius (Albert Brooks), and Snowball (Kevin Hart) cute little bunny, who’s the boss of the gang, which wants to revenge on people who abandon their pets.


Creators had a great idea, show people what their pets can do when they’re alone at home. They also break some kind of stereotypes: poddle which listens to hard rock, or the idea of a cute little white bunny as the leader of an animal resistance out to do away with humans is comical by itself.

I have to mention about the music. It’s well chosen, not only for a speed of the story, but also fits great into the scenes.


In this animation, we have a lot of action, we not only see Max and Duke’s adventure, but also a rescue mission, organized by their friends. It’s a lot of laughs, some funny situations.

The Secret Life of Pets had full of great scenes and funny jokes. Kids for sure will have fun while watching. I think some of the adults also find it as a pretty good and entertaining.



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