Review #12: Emotional Motor Unit

Almost a year ago I reviewed first feature film Little Pieces, directed by Adam Nelson (you can find my review here). This year we’ll be able to watch a new movie from Apple Park Films Production. This time it’s a short sci-fi/drama film, called Emotional Motor Unit, wrote by Xenia Puiggros and directed by Adam Nelson. Starring: Graham Cawte, Francesca Burgoyne, Finnian Nainby-Luxmore and Candice Palladino.


The film tells the story of very lonely writer, who just got some kind of promotion. In this alternative present day, people are focused on their work and emotions come second. We follow writer, played by Graham Cawte, as he learns what it means to be human through the interaction with a robot E.M.U.

Sounds familiar? Yes, of course, we could watch movies like Ex Machina, where people taught the robot how to be human, how to behave. A robot which will teach you the fellings, you never felt, it’s a completely different story.

This movie shows how relationships and contact with other people are important. It’s also perfectly shows, how fast we can get involved in a relationship, and how much we can get used to another person.


The script is really well written, it makes the viewer feels like it could be a real story, which can happen anywhere and to anyone in the future. We can see really impressive shots, really calm, which made this film not a typical sci-fi.

Whole cast did a really great job. Graham Cawte as a Writer perfectly showed the sadness of a lonely man, who’s tired of being alone, and try to convince himself, that he’s happy. I think, the hardest work to do had Francesca Burgoyne, who played E.M.U. I can only imagine how hard it is, to play a robot, and make it looks believable. She gave a really good performance.


Noteworthy is also music, create by Imraan Husain, which keeps viewers in nostalgic feelings of the film. It’s no songs here, we only can hear a calm, kind of dreamy music. This fits fantastic to scenes, which we can see. Music doesn’t disturb to the shots, it helps the viewer to get involved in the story.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see something different, a completely different point of view for the sci-fi genre than we can see in blockbuster films. It’s sci-fi with the elements of romance. I think that, it’s definitely worth of watching and really deserves attention.

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