Trailer reaction #3: Four in the Morning

The new show is coming to television! A few days ago CBC revealed a trailer of a new show called Four in the Morning. Created by producer and writer, Ira Parker. Starring by Mazin Elsadig, Daniel Maslany, Michelle Mylett and Lola Tash.


The show tells story of four friends in their twenties as they navigate life at the unpredictable, emotional, but the illuminative hour of 4 a.m. Dealing with themes of life and death, love and heartbreak, friendship and betrayal, it’s a series about self-discovery, disappointment, and clawing after dreams that always feel out of reach.

On IMDB we can read that, it’s gonna be 8 episodes, I hope it’ll be more episodes or seasons.


The trailer is only a one minute clip, so we don’t see much. But what I can say, it’s funny, really good sense of humor. Looks really promising. It feels like a ne version of the show Friends. I don’t remember if we had, in the last few years, a comedy show about a group of friends. Of course we have, for example Broad City, but it’s little different, there main characters were girls.

I think many young people will identify with those characters. They’re ordinary young people with real problems, up’s and downs in their lives. It’s so great that someone wants to create that kind of show, about ordinary people that the joy of life.

The trailer looks amazing, and I can’t wait to watch this show!

Four in the Morning premieres August 26th on CBC!

What do you think about this trailer? 🙂


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