Recap: Orphan Black S.4 Ep.10 (Season Finale) ‘From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths’

This is it, the end of season 4 of Orphan Black, sad day for Clone Club. This week’s episode was really tense, little funny. There were some reunions and of course it’s always has to be a cliffhanger.

The episode began with a flashback of that night Delphine gets shot. We finally found out who did this to her. That was Duko, probably sent by Evie, but his mission wasn’t completely succeed. Someone saved the French doctor, and it was no one else than Krystal! She hasn’t only seen Delphine’s getting shot, as we thought before. When her phone rings, it distracts Duko long enough to keep him from shooting Delphine. She’s a Cophine fans hero, right now. I’m really happy, that creators showed us the other side of the situation, which was questioned whole season. So she was taken by Dr. Van Lier to the island and the people out there. We also could see the man from Rachel’s vision. He saved Delphine, but we still not sure why he did it, he probably needs her for something.

After the credits we come back to present days, Cosima and Susan have a cure. Cosima tells Sarah the good news, but as the celebrating has begun, the scientist is locked out of the data and then her connection to Sarah, Mrs. S. and Kira is cut off. Coincidence? In four seasons of Orphan Black you could learn that it’s no coincidence in this show. Sarah’s starts to worried about Cosima’s safe, she contacts with Rachel, but she dismisses both Ira and Sarah’s concerns about problems with connection. Rachel’s in transition, but she changed her plan. Everyone believed that she wants to put Susan back on top, why we’re so naive? If you thought that Rachel will take her sisters side, and will fight with them, you were damn wrong. Old Rachel is back, she’ll never change, she’ll always put herself and power in the first place. She’s always a power-hungry, so she made a play for control of Neolution. With Cosima and Susan’s work and new perspective of human cloning back on the table, she can do that.


When Sarah has realized, there are two factions of Neolution with competing technologies, bots and clones, they have to be more careful. When those two ideas comes together, this gonna ends badly, not only for Leda but for humanity.

We said goodbye to Evie, people with power decided that, they can repackage the technology, but they can’t repackage her. Her personal doctor took care of that. She was just a small pawn, which has to be sacrificed. He’s using bot inside her cheek to kill her.

This week we didn’t see Helena and Alison that much, but it’s good to know that at least some of the sisters are safe. Maybe it’s not a good place for Alison but Donnie’s trying really hard to get used to it, and Helena is really happy when she can help her family.

The clone’s family has a new member! After watching the news and seeing a guy who took „the French doctor”, Krystal contacts with Felix. She’ll tell everything what she knows, but she wants answers. She meets with Fe at the comic book store, and then she finally meets one of her sisters, “I’m Sarah. I’m your clone.”, that’s how this conversation began. Krystal’s reaction was priceless, “So this is what you think I look like?”. That was so cool that in the middle of this crazy times creators shows us a little comedy, we missed Alison, so we have Krystal instead.


We didn’t have a clone switch for a while, this week we could see a masterpiece work from Tatiana Maslany, Sarah changed into Krystal, and viewers aren’t aware of that until Sarah speaks her voice.

When Sarah decided to rescue Cosima from the island, she had to fight with Rachel. I can say that Rachel’s favorite weapon is a knife. That fight scene was really tense, I thought Rachel would kill Sarah, and she almost does that. While Sarah’s talking with Susan, Rachel shows up and uses her cane to hit Sarah. And to keep hitting her. Rachel gets insane, takes a knife and stab it into Sarah’s thigh.


Before this fight Rachel took care of her mother, who wasn’t happy about her decision. She stabs a scientist and took her whole work. In last word Susan tells her daughter about the man behind the curtain, who created her “special” eye and wrote those book about Neolution. Nothing could be more weird than that he wrote this a CENTURY ago, is that even possible? Rachel says that’s impossible, her’s mother answer was: “not for him”. So we’ll have a new level of Neolution, next season? That guy became immortal, somehow? Or it’s completely another fraction?

Let’s talk a little more about Cosima and Delphine’s reunion. Finally! All of this could happen because of this weird guy from the visions, who was called as the Messenger, he finds Cosima and Charlotte in the woods and brings them back to his camp, where lovers can finally meet again. When they arrived there Cosima gets worse, so Delphine and other people trying their best to save the clone. Delphine strips down to her underwear and climbs under the covers to warm Cosima up, refusing to let her die. Cosima reveals that, she finished their homework. But this reunion it’s temporary, they may not be together for long. Messenger isn’t happy about any of this, he warns Delphine. She knows that, altruism poses a challenge to the evolutionist, and his altruism isn’t what saved her. She’s also aware of that, she won’t be allowed to stay with Cosima. But for now, she’s her patient. When they’re alone again, French doctor warns her lover as they have to be careful, that they’re not safe, and to not let anyone know about the cure.


Finally, after a tough day and cleaning the blood from the knife, Rachel settles in with a glass of wine and Westmoreland’s book, and makes a call to Dr. Van Lier. She informs him that science is secure, he congratulates her. “Mr. Westmoreland will see you now.” As Rachel opens the book to Leda and the swan, the doorbell rings and she looks up and smiles. Is that Westmoreland aka Messenger, or someone else?

I really enjoyed the finale, I’m happy for Cosima and Delphine. Good to know that at least some of the clones are safe. I’m not sure what will happen to Sarah. What Ferdinand’s up to?

Orphan Black will be back in 2017 for its fifth and final season on BBC America.

What your thoughts about the finale? You have any predictions about next season?

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