Recap: Orphan Black S.4 Ep.9 ‘The Mitigation of Competition’

What an episode! So many things happened, that was really fast 40 minutes. We could see two familiar, characters which we didn’t see for a while. It’s still a few questions without the answers, but we still have a season finale, so that can be huge.

In this episode we could see almost every clone, only M.K. is missing this week. Cosima is trying to re-create original genome, and find the cure. In this episode Cosima finally meets Charlotte, the little clone. They have a conversation, about the book Susan gave to Cosima, about the origin of the Neolution. Charlotte’s really smart and knows a lot, like Kira. They’re very similar, if it’s about that. No one talks to them about what’s happening, but anyway they know everything.


Felix showed so many times how loyal he is to his sister and the clones. This week he made really thought decision, he cut off Adele. He decided to put Leda in first place again. That was also so sad, because you could see that Felix and Adele became very close to each other, and he doesn’t feel good about what he’d done to his biological sister. Before that sad moment we have a little fun, when Adele sees Helena for the first time, Fe’s telling her that it’s another sister, Adele’s get a little frustrated “They’re triples, now? From different regions. From the same stomach. Countries in there, different countries?”

That was so good to see Helena again. Since she left in episode 4, she’s been living on her own in a snowy wooded area, hunting for her own food. But after a short phone conversation with Sarah and gets the sense that something’s wrong, she drops everything safe and comes back to town. She’s concerned about Alison and Donnie, She’s ready to confront Adele when she starts asking clone questions. Her return couldn’t have been better timed, considering how she helped the Hendrixes out of what could have been a very bad run-in with Neolution.


Rachel is still having these weird visions of the island featuring the swan. She had a big plane and she needs Sarah’s help, and after she’d done things her way, she’s meeting with Evie. And when you think, Sarah’s right that Rachel wants to cut them down and get power. She ends up surprising everyone by working for the greater good. Her plan was a blackmailing Evie with the birth defects video, and more damning original video where Evie admits thinking of human life as a cheap and an expendable way of doing business. In the meantime, take out Evie by exposing Brightborn’s dark secret, that they’ve euthanize babies born with defects as a result of the gene-manipulating trials. They can do that because two Brightborn mothers escaped the facility with video footage. Sarah tracks the women to a shelter with the help of Art, but Neolution is looking for them too.

The largest reveal of this season is for sure, the last few seconds of this episode. We finally see Delphine! She’s alive, and hiding somewhere. For now we know nothing about what happened to her and where exactly she is.

I don’t know what to think about Rachel’s visions, for sure they’re means something, and it’s probably very important. I hope, that we’ll see more Delphine and M.K. in next week’s episode.

If it’s about Rachel and her visions: Are these visions reality, or just a fantasy? Are they metaphor? Who is the man in the visions? Why is this happening? What is it that Rachel needs to see? Who are those people from Rachel’s visions, new fraction, like Proletarians?

We finally saw Delphine, but where is she? Who saved her? Is she working with Susan? Who is the person with her? There are so many questions. I can’t wait to watch the finale!

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