Recap: Orphan Black S.4 Ep.4 ‘From Instinct to Rational Control’

In this week’s episode, we could see more M.K., we finally know her real name. Sarah found out new stuff about her new sister, fans of the show already knew that from comic books series Helsinki.

Let’s start with M.K. in the beginning of this episode we see her while she’s creating a bomb (so surveillance isn’t her only skill, but also making bombs). She’s also collecting information about DYAD and TOPSIDE.

I hope we’ll learn more about her, as this season went on, and tonight’s episode delivered, we finally can be sure of her real name, it’s Vera. She survived Helsinki. I would love to hear more of her tragic back story from her.

As we can see Vera trying track down Ferdinand Chevalier. There’s a serious reason she wants to find him, it turns out he’s responsible for nearly killing her and definitely killing another clone named Niki and five other Leda sisters, along with 32.

When she found out that Sarah made a deal with Ferdinand she has only one message for her: “We’re finished. I can’t trust you now.” She uses her hacker-power to pretend to be Sarah and contact with Mrs S. She’s asking for a meeting with Ferdinand at Beth’s apartment. During the conversation with Ferdinand she reveals her scars on face, and that’s the moment when we found out the real name of new clone.


Cosima and Scott got Leekie’s head from Alison. They finally can examine what is that thing on Sarah’s cheek and what it’s doing to her. “Who’s the science now, bitch?” Cosima asks Dr. Leekie’s head. Scientist found out that, the bugs were introducing foreign DNA to their hosts and that they could be a gene therapy delivery system.

I’m not sure if I understood correctly, but if it’s changing her DNA, isn’t it why she’s not sick? Or it’s changing her in the worst way (Kira’s dream from the previous episode, she said other clones should burn her mom because, she was changing), and Sarah became some kind of monster. I hope not, I like my first thought better.

Hendrix’s always give viewers so much fun. After little argue between Sarah and Alison, the soccer mom creates a plan how they can get into the clinic Life Spring Fertility. When Donnie realizes who will be undercover couple, his reaction is priceless. Team Donnie and Felix it’s new favorite duo on the show.


Let’s talk about Rachel and her mother. Susan asks daughter what they should do with Charlotte, last week we found out that little clone is sick. Should they start the treatment, or sacrifice her for the others good. Rachel’s eye looking better.

In the meantime, while Dizzy hacks Veras computer looking for anything related to Susan Duncan, Sarah uncovers newspaper clippings and photos that clue her in to M.K.’s past and what happened in Helsinki. Sarah also found out that Vera is tracking her, her phone calls and locations. She starts to realize that, for European clone finding Ferdinand is revenge, then she’s trying to contact and warn Ferdinand, but it’s too late. He’s already in Beth’s place talking with M.K.

What I can say, that was a really good episode as always. I loved this one, not only because of Donnie and Alison, but also because of M.K. We saw all familiar clones, we get some answers, and now we have to wait another week for more.


Where is Marion?

What’s Helena up to? Where she’ll go?

If that bugs are changing DNA, and keeps Sarah healthy, maybe they should consider implanting this to Cosima?


Any thoughts? Let me know!:)

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