Recap: Orphan Black S.4 Ep.3 ‘The Stigmata of Progress’

I think that was the most disgusting episode of Orphan Black, not the best idea to watch during the meal. This episode is full of weird situations like a needle injection of a pigment to eventually make Rachel’s eye look real, dig up Lekkie’s body, sometimes this episode wasn’t easy to watch. But let’s start at the beginning.

In the beginning, we meet new clone. This time is a Castor boy, who seems to have been raised by Susan Duncan. I think his name is Ira. He’s a doctor, and examine Rachel’s new robo-eye. Yes, Rachel is back, and she’s getting better.

This new Castor clone, Ira, is different from others. He was raced apart from his brothers. He’s more creepy than Rudy was. He can be a really interesting character, I can’t wait to see him more.

13133334_981513851884140_5666614037758476591_n (2)

It’s so much time with Rachel and Charlotte, this week. They become friends, but it was no choice for them, they’re locked up somewhere, and they have no one else to talk with. They’re painting a picture together. The camera doesn’t see everything, Rachel raises the painting, and we see a message written beneath it: “Did you get my message out?” Charlotte, we learn, has a computer for her online schoolwork, a connection to the outside world that Rachel is not allowed to have. “Yes,” the girl writes back, before they both paint over their messages. The message in question is the one to Ferdinand about Susan Duncan.
As we found out, Charlotte, is actually Rachel’s clone, which means she also has her disease. Little clone coughs up blood. Rachel should be worried about her health? Later this episode, Susan told Rachel, that she is the real experiment and her sacrifices are for the greater good.

Kira had terrifying some kind of dreams about all aunties setting her mother on fire “because she was changing,” (this kid is sleeping with open eyes!). She’s getting weirder every time we see her. I hope we’ll find out more about her.

Helena finally gets in touch with Sarah to tell her about the twins and how she doesn’t want them to end up like her. She’s so adorable in this episode, really happy with her new life, but where the hell is Jessie?!

13055346_980479268654265_6563516621226070243_n (2)
Meanwhile, Hendrix’s have decided to exhume dr Leekie’s body, because Alison realizes that, as a Neolutioner, he might have that face-something of his own for Cosima to study. She was right, now it’s time to inform Cosima about this, and it’s the funniest part of this episode. I have no words to express what amazing job Kristian Bruun and Tatiana Maslany done in this video-chat scene, it is just unbelievably great. Huge ovation for this couple’s comedian talent.

“Alison: Now, go rent a jackhammer.

Donnie: Maybe we should just buy one.”

– best quote ever!

About other characters: Felix found his family, actually his sister, Adele. Sarah has already met her, and she’s not happy with that. Art still watching videos from Beth’s apartment, he’s trying to find something new. I almost forgot about Ferdinand, he’s back, and he’s doing what he has to, in his own unique style.

I hope we’ll see more of M.K. next week, and probably creators intro us new clone. We still don’t know what that thing on Sarah’s cheek is. When we find out something about Delphine? What Susan Duncan is up to? Will we get a Helsinki flashback?

Any thoughts? Let me know!:)

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