Trailer reaction #1: (Orphan Black)

12705586_1215813548446181_4845519143459563316_nI’ve never written a review or reaction after the trailer, but after I saw a trailer for the new season of Orphan Black, I think I have to write something. As a huge fan of the show I couldn’t wait for the first  full trailer of the new season. At the beginning I have to say, that trailer is little creepy. I felt some chills of excitement for what will come. We’re back to beginning of the story, creators shows us places from season one.





I’ve always said that Kira is different and special, in this season we’ll probably explore more of her skills. She knows what’s going on, but no one never told her this, she got something like six sense “They never tell me when things are bad, but I always know.”


Next thing, which we can be sure from the trailer is that, we’ll meet new clone, Vera. She was introduced in comic book series Helsinki. Maybe she’s not the only one new clone we’ll see this season. Would be great if creators will show us some flashbacks from Vera’s life.

We still don’t know what happened to Delphine, I mean we know she was shot, but who did this and why, if she is alive or not? So many questions about this, but I think that Cosima won’t stop looking for her. We can see that, scientist still cares about her ex-lover.

I think we’ll see some flashbacks from before season one. I’m pretty sure that, we’ll be witnesses of Maggie Chan’s death. We’ll see a new perspective of this case, new point of view.

Since the first season every character has changed but Helena changed the most. From assassin to mommy. She gets more socialized and probably still lives with Alison and her family.

As far as can say after the trailer Cosima finds out that Donnie killed Dr Lekkie. I’m curious what Alison and Donnie will do with his body, they’ll leave it under their garage or they’ll remove it somewhere.

Some predictions for season four:
I hope we’ll see a lot of flashbacks with Beth and other clones before Sarah found out about everything. Of course we have comic books, which shows clones past, but it’s not enough. If it’s about Delphine’s cliffhanger from season three finale, I think she’ll appear somewhere at the end of the season four or maybe even on next one. I also hope that, girls will have the opportunity to hear Vera’s story. I’m so curious about those new people from the trailer, are they from girls past, from neolution, DYAD? I have a feeling, that girl with dark hair will appear in flashback, she could be a monitor.


I’m so excited and I can’t wait till April. After watching the first full trailer and previous promos and teasers, I can say, a lot will happen, as always, on this show. This trailer perfectly shows how Orphan Black has changed since the beginning. For sure this season will be different and fast. Fans probably will find out the answers for some questions from previous seasons. I only hope, that show doesn’t change in a really dark thriller. I’ve always liked the balance between drama, thriller, sci-fi and comedy. This balance is kind of a soul of Orphan Black and one of the reasons why people love this show.

Season 4 premieres Thursday, April 14th at on BBC America and Space.

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