TV (web) series #4: That’s My DJ

Are you bored by television series? Are you looking for something new? Web series are great alternative for you!

Recently I found a show called That’s My DJ, created and directed by Kristin Waterson. Starring Jacob Neayem, Kyle Mac, Jessica Holmes, Scott Yaphe, Emily Piggford and Masa Lizdek. This series has 8 episodes, each between 3-5 minutes long.


Show tells story of Simon (Neayem), who dreams of Daft Punk stardom. He’s working to perfects his image. Creating his alter ego ‘Dead Pixel’, he thinks this will help to raise his career. On that tough way on top, he is accompanied by Kyle (Mac), his best friend and manager. In the meantime we also meet Simon’s mom, Debbie (Holmes) and her boyfriend Ron (Yaphe). One night at the party Simon meet two girls Megan (Piggford) and Cory (Lizdek) ending up with them in one of their apartments.

Each of the episodes shows the lives of young people, who want to make their dreams come true. We see Simon, who’s going through ups and downs in his career. Viewer can easily identify with Simon, because he’s normal guy who wants to do something what he loves.

That's my DJ

The way, of how some scenes were shot and edited, can remind you of a music videos. Add to this music and great cast, which played fantastic. Everyone presents their character very realisticlly and believable. Besides music and parties we can also see elements of comedy and drama, when you put it together in good way it’ll create amazing show.

Series is about DJs, so I can’t forget about the music! You can hear many great tracks, which are well chosen and they add even more power to the show. You’ll hear songs like: Words on fire by The Prodigy, Turn me out by Russ Chimera, Diplo’s Revolution, Turn back time from Sub Focus and many more.

Idea which Kristin had on this series is interesting and amazing. It’s a whiff of fresh air compared to what television gives us. We need more these kind of series, about ordinary people who wants to do something with their lives, who believe in their dreams. In my opinion, this is one of the best Web series which I recently had the opportunity to watch. Check out That’s My DJ as soon as possible, you can watch it here:


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