TV (web) series #3: ATown

In those days, when we want to find some interesting film or tv series we don’t have to be limited to proposals from large television stations. More frequently are created Web series, produced low cost and giving sometimes better entertainment than the mega-productions.

One such example is ATown series, produced by Turtle Dove Films.


The show is about two young women who has different views on life. In that ten episodes we can see their adventures in Austin. Layla, played by Elena Weinberg, is an aspiring standup comedian who is working as a barista. One night after her stand-up show Layla meets Melanie and this is how their friendship has began. Melanie, played by Mallory Larson, is girl who moved to Austin because she wants to make a life for herself in new place. Layla tries to show Melanie how to survive in Austin and Melanie helps Layla develop as a comedian, which she wants to be.


Each of the episodes is funny and shows the lives of ordinary young people, by what the series is more believable. We see a normal young people, who are going through ups and downs in life. And when worse days come, they still try to think positively. What’s great about this show, that a comedy written by women, performed by women and celebrating women of course we can see there also a male characters. But most of fan base will be young women who can identify themselves with main characters. Not only the main actresses are great but the whole cast. Also music is well chosen and adds even more charm to the show.

Idea how Elena and Mallory had on this series is interesting, funny and is definitely a whiff of fresh air. We need more of these series, about ordinary people that the joy of life. In my opinion, this is one of the best Web series which I recently had the opportunity to watch. Check out ATown as soon as you can, you can watch it here:


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