Tv series #2: Rizzoli & Isles

Most tv series about crimes and detectives have male main characters, but sometimes we can find series where main characters are female. One of that kind of shows is Rizzoli & Isles. This series was based on a series of seven books wrote by Tess Gerritsen.


Series tells the story about cooperation  of detective Jane Rizzoli, in this role, phenomenal Angie Harmon, and Dr. Maura Isles, who’s played by Sasha Alexander. In the first episode we meet all the characters: detectives, officers of the Boston police and the family of Jane. The beginning of the pilot episode announces elements of humor and familial bliss that will scroll through all the episodes. Thanks to that viewers can see, that even the best police officers must sometimes break away from their surrounding reality and recharge with loved ones. In each episode we can see a different crime, sometimes it’s the same case in few episode. Viewers can see how this female duet solves the case. We also meets another detectives from team and Jane’s mother, who is the funniest person there.

Compared to the book, series is little different. The writers changed some fragments, facts, names and appearance of the characters that occur in the books. Is the similarity, rather than faithful representation of the original, and in my opinion it’s a good thing because the series might bring something new. However, the producers decided to take a chance and gave main roles to the actresses with an entirely different look, than was described in books. The choice of the two leading actresses seem to be correct and accurate. Both ladies had a great complement each other, both as an actress as well as characters in the series. Jane, on the one hand, hiding her fear and concerns from world, on the other hand, brave lady detective who catches the murderers at any price. And Maura extremely wise, finds herself  in many fields, and at the same time slightly lost in human relationships, not presenting unnecessary emotions doctor. Separately are a bit attenuated, but together they form an insurmountable duet, which not always works without complaints. As sometimes happens with friends, quarrels or non-compliance in any case causing between those two, quiet days, which, unfortunately, slows down the work of the team.

Reading a books you can a dark mystery and sense committed the crime, what is sometimes missing in the show, sometimes solution comes too obvious and action is to long. There are moments where even though a serious matter to deal with, good humor and jokes of characters receive climate of crime, which should be the main theme of the episode.

One of the best episodes is probably the first season finale, holding in suspense until the last second, which ends up fairly unpredictable, leaves unsatisfied and with question: “what will happen next?”. This project is successful, of course as in every tv series we can see here ups and downs  of writers ideas. But in  my opinion it’s more ups here, cases are interesting and we can see a lot of action. Also one of the good things here, are the actresses which playing major roles, chemistry between those two is visible on the screen. If somebody likes mix of drama, crime and humor will find this in that show.

Despite shortcomings and drawbacks which has this series it is also something that attracts and are devoted fans, of both, this project and the actresses, who will eagerly wait for the continuation of the series. I certainly belong to them and now I can’t wait until partners will return to action. If you want to watch something new, let’s try with this one, maybe you will like it.


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