Review #3: Nightcrawler

It is well known that the media world can be ruthless and cruel, especially if you have chosen a target. But not always aware how far you can go. Nightcrawler is an attempt to bring us to this problem, which took up debuting as a director Dan Gilroy, an earlier writer, among others. The Bourne’s Legacy.


We are getting to know the main character, Lou (Jake Gyllenhaal) at the time of the desperate job search. One night while being a witness to an accident, he sees a team of independent filmmakers who’s recorders incident, learns that the material goes to the television. The character in a moment decides to try his hand in this field. Armed with a camera, radio by which he is able to listen police frequency and GPS, rides through the streets of Los Angeles in search of incident that could be fit on the sensational material. In the quest for the ideal becomes a matter of time before generating incident, or bending reality just to the material was better.

The film perfectly demonstrates what is capable of a man wanting to be succeed, who is growing in insanity. Lou is a sociopath and a perfectionist without empathy, which the witness becomes a director. Gilroy showed really well, how dangerous tool camera can be in hands of this men. The viewers begins to ask themselves, whether in this work there is any morality and whether there are any limits which should not be exceeded. On the one hand, we are dealing with a sense of  fulfillment of journalistic obligation which is relate with information about various incident, but on the other we are shown on the example of the last moments of life of victims of an accident or attack. We should consider whether we need to watch this closer.


Picture from Dan Gilroy shows the bad side of the media. Fourth Estate, whose morals touched  the bottom in this day, focusing primarily on increasing viewership, confessing the  principle “the more blood, the better news”. Thankfully,  Nightcrawler doesn’t have to be, moralistic movie. We are not here to whitening as Lou, he is shown as a self-taught, having had knowledge of the worst possible sources, applying the force of his plan of being the best at any price. There is no doubt that he is anti-hero who will do everything to win the “rat race”, and you can even take the word “war” of producers concerns the information programs.

Plays the lead role, Jake Gyllenhaal stood at a height of his task, while creating probably the best performance of his career. Image, emaciated man with a penetrating, mad gaze that was presented to us, was balanced on the verge of exaggeration of character, but not at any time he doesn’t exceed it. It is also praiseworthy character Nina-played by Rene Russo-the important person from television, in which Lou finds it’s inspiration to action and raise the bar.


Apart from acting, big advantage are also photos by Robert Elswit. Presentation of the night life of the city with panoramic subtle images adds the climate to the story, on the occasion of the great shows this, devilish side of Los Angeles.

Debuting director reaching for rather difficult and somewhat already exploited topic, set itself high bar. In my opinion he coped very well, providing to viewers a lot of emotions, from disgust of moral collapse by injecting of adrenaline in the final sequence of the film. He left us with the subjects to think about. Great game acting, photos, and music have created a complete picture, holding in suspense until the very end, for which it is worth to spend two hours.


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