Review #2: Cas & Dylan

How long takes to like someone, befriend, trust another person? Often it takes quite a bit of time, sometimes just a moment, as in the case of two characters from the latest film by Jason Priestley, Cas & Dylan.

Cas Pepper is a mature man, with his habits. In everyday life he has companion of a dog. The man is a doctor for 30 years, now has learned that he is seriously ill and he has probably not too much time, decides to move to the west to depart out of this world. He takes the most necessary things, including his pet, dead already, which is packed into portable fridge. Before leaving, Cas going to the Hospital where he works. There he meets Dylan Morgan, a young writer. Girl wants to get home and ask the man for help. At the beginning the skeptical doctor, finally agrees and drive a girl. On the place, it appears that Dylan lives with impulsive boyfriend. Between young comes to quarrel, after which the girl decides to take this opportunity to move with Cas to the west. Since then, the two of them begins a journey full of adventure and life lessons.


The film is mix comedy and drama. Comedic elements are not stupid, the director is not trying to force it wanted. The humor is subtle, the usual. Characters make fun of each other, which builds up their relationship and gets to know each other better. Thanks that viewers also have the opportunity to get to know them and find on them a part of themselves. There is also a serious and poignant scenes.

For special attention deserves cast, Tatiana Maslany as Dylan and Richard Dreyfuss as Cas. The two was chosen perfectly, not only due to the fact that they could give the characters a part of themselves, but also because the chemistry between them makes you believe this characters and feel their emotions. Tatiana once again showed her talent and the lightness with which can incorporate in virtually any character. In the Dylan we can admire the youthful enthusiasm, joy of life and the unpredictability of what for Cas it’s something new and at the beginning a bit cumbersome. While Richard had played the role of a grumpy, scared of have some fun, a doctor at the end of his boring life, and he did it great.


The film is a film on way genre and as in that kind of films, here as well the characters to pursue something and have the opportunity to discover something new, and chance to understand themselves and their needs. The trip also makes characters to knows, that sometimes the seemingly easy things can turn out to be the most difficult. They realize that alone will do little, the strength is in the group.

Viewers during the session are witnessing the development of a beautiful friendship between people from different worlds and generations. And I guess this is the beauty of this movie. Shows that in spite of the differences: views, age or gender, people can become so close.

Besides acting also music is noteworthy. Perfectly matched to individual scenes songs adds the charm and complete the scene. Listening to the songs used in the film, makes that you want to jump into the car and go on a long journey into the unknown.


All these elements make up the beautiful picture of learning about ourselves and another human being. Well told story of emerging friendship, makes, that on the viewer’s face appears unforced smile. Everyone who likes simple stories, beautiful pictures and great acting, will like and enjoy this movie.

As Dylan said: “I believe, that if you make a difference in just one person’s life, then your life had meaning.” I believe in it too and I wish that everyone experienced this.


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