TV series #1: Chuck

What would happen if an ordinary men, knew secret informations of the Government of the United States? I’m sure his life would be endangered, and his courage put to the test. That kind of  story tells tv series Chuck, this is not a boring story, but full of exciting adventures, which lasted for five seasons.


The main character is Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) the average men, expelled from Stanford. One day he opens an e-mail from his friend Bryce Larkin (Matt Bomer), which had previously been encoded by the Government. By chance his mind remembers the entire contents of the server containing the best guarded details of global security. Now the future of humanity depends on one man, who so far was just an ordinary employee of the store with electronics. Chuck, which removed computer viruses, now must eliminate professional murderers and dangerous terrorists. He isn’t alone in this fight. The Government assigns him a guardian, which is major John Casey (Adam Baldwin) from the NSA who works with the CIA agent, Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski). Clumsy Chuck besides two top agents by his side, also has a Intersect and all of its information, over time the supercomputer in his head will open completely new and surprising possibilities for Chuck.


Interesting? In my opinion, yes. The series from the very beginning, has interesting idea and doesn’t allow the audience to get bored. Lost in his life, Chuck decides to become an agent, what works with a different effect. The characters are great written, and the actors who played those characters have done a really good job, making viewers believe in characters and can identify with them. Wonderful Zachary Levi, changed a little, the way how we looks at nedrs. Great Yvonne Strahovski, which showed that women are not always a weak sex and Adam Baldwin, who brilliantly portrayed the ruthless major. This is not another boring spy series, it’s a bit of a different approach to the topic, here we have the elements of comedy, sensation and even romance.

Humor in the show is not only the result of Chuck’s clumsiness, but also a strange and sometimes even stupid ideas of Morgan and the rest of the crazy store team, where Chuck works.

Together with the characters, during their mission we can visit lots of different places. Besides fighting and shootings, we see the everyday life of the characters, their daily habits, go out with friends, private ups and downs. It’s all told in a really enjoyable way, the story isn’t boring, and we wait with bated breath for the development of events, not just those related to the fight against terrorists, but also those private, primarily in life of Chuck and Sarah. In the meantime, we knows the past of individual characters for example, friend of Chuck, Morgan, the sister of the main character and her fiance.
Team Chuck, Sarah, and Casey is the best, most colorful and probably best chosen team of spies. Its members are perfectly complementary.

Chuck is one of the best tv series, which I had opportunity to see. It is a mix of different genres, so everyone can find something for everyone. Each of the episodes kept a good level. If you like action movies, with a little bit of a sense of humor, I guarantee you, that you will have a great time. I had so much fun with Chuck.


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